Building Bridges to STEM Learning

Building Bridges to STEM Learning

Bringing the joy of learning and exploration to young children can be quite challenging. We have the necessary components, but finding the right way to combine them in a way that fosters a love of learning and educational curiosity is always easier said than done. As mentioned in a previous article, open-ended and creative play can serve as an excellent bridge across those waters. That's why we designed our Bright Builder Fort Kit - to provide the best tools for the job. As children's imaginations run wild, the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, and engineering all come together to form a solid foundation that supports their creativity. In this way, learning and play are not separate entities in their minds; instead, they are intertwined, creating positive associations that will last a lifetime.

Mathematical Magic in Every Nook and Cranny

Geometry, spacial awareness, and measurement — our forts turn these abstract concepts into tangible, hands-on learning opportunities. As kids puzzle out which connectors to use to create what they envision, they are unconsciously using skills of mathematics. Repetition is essential for understanding these concepts, and it is gratifying to see how, after numerous play sessions, the scientific principles behind the repeated actions of building their fort become deeply ingrained. Ensuring the angle is correct for their connection, accounting for the amount of space available in their play environment, keeping track of how many pieces they have left to utilize—these math fundamentals can be found in every connection children make with the Bright Builder Fort Kit.

engineers talking on a construction site

A Strong Foundation: Physics at Play

What better way to demonstrate how a structure stands tall against the force of gravity than building it yourself? Structural integrity, load bearing and tension, and balance all come into play as the fort is brought to life by your child’s imagination. Parallels can be easily drawn between the construction of a child’s fort and the construction of their home, as both were built using the same fundamental principles. This intuitive understanding of the forces that shape our world exemplifies the way creative building can so easily form a lifelong comprehension.

Playing with Problem-Solving Puzzles

Nearly all the fields in STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) involve the use of problem-solving. In Science, the trial-and-error process is crucial to making progress on investigating hypotheses. Technology itself is a puzzle that is continually solved and re-solved, always iterating on itself. Engineering and Math both make heavy use of formulas as building blocks to solve larger problems.

“How can we connect these pieces?”

“How can we make one wall especially fortified?”

“How will this new addition affect the fort’s balance?”

These questions that come about so naturally when building a fort all come together to form a series of mini-puzzles to be solved. Through overcoming these challenges, children learn to adapt, iterate, and develop creative solutions, all while having an absolute blast.

Putting it all Together

In a world where creativity and STEM education often seem like separate realms, our Bright Builder Fort Kit brings them together in a balanced harmony. As children construct their dream forts, they’re also building a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Unleash your child’s learning potential and let their imagination run wild! With the Bright Builder Fort Kit, the only limit is the sky. 

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